About Lucky Coin Inc.

Lucky Coin Inc. has been providing Georgia with state of the art Coin Operated Amusement Games and ATMs for over twenty years. Our experience allows us to place only the games that will maximize your earning potential. This includes games that have proven to be among our best money makers as well as the most current games to hit the market.

No matter what combination of coin operated amusement games you receive from Lucky Coin, all of them will be approved and licensed by the State of Georgia and the Georgia Lottery Corporation. We work hand in hand with the Georgia Lottery Corporation to provide entertainment for your customers, education for our youth through pre-k and Hope Scholarship programs, and an increased bottom line for you and your business.

History of Lucky Coin Inc.

Lucky Coin Inc. is a family owned and operated Coin Operated Amusement Gaming business based in Tucker, Georgia, serving all of Georgia.

We have come a long way since those first 12 games in Papa’s garage. From our humble beginnings on Dillard Street, we have operated thousands of amusement games all across the state of Georgia, as well as Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Texas. We have a level of expertise that can only be achieved by having three generations and over 22 years of experience in the coin operated amusement and gaming industry.

Because of our focus on family, our business is based on relationships. When you partner with Lucky Coin, you become part of our family. Your problems are our problems and your successes are our successes. This principal has proven invaluable to us and our partners, with many of them being with us for over 15 years. As we continue to expand our coin operated amusement gaming business in Georgia, we look forward to welcoming you to our family.

Making Money with Lucky Coin Inc.

Make money with coin operated amusement games from Lucky Coin Inc.

Lucky Coin Inc. specializes in supplying businesses of all types with Class A coin operated amusement games, Class B coin operated skill redemption games, and ATMs. In the state of Georgia, Class A coin operated amusement games include pool tables, pinball machines, arcade games, Golden Tee Golf, Silver Strike Bowling, counter top bar games, and even TouchTunes jukeboxes. Class B games include all coin operated skill redemption games from manufacturers like Banilla, IGT, and Primero.

Lucky Coin’s state of the art coin operated amusement games are great for any bar, restaurant, convenience store, nightclub, fraternal organization, or amusement center. Our games will provide hours of entertainment for patrons, while also creating extra income from month to month for the location owners. Outside of the income provided by the games themselves, coin operated amusement games increase overall sales of food, drink, lottery tickets, and merchandise, as well as help retain customers and create customer loyalty.

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