When working with potential customers, one of the the questions that we frequently get is, why should I choose Lucky Coin? We believe that this a fair question for any business owner looking to develop a relationship with a coin operated amusement provider because there are other Class A and B Master License holders in the state of Georgia. But to be honest, we believe that our service and attention to detail sets us apart from the other companies in the coin operated amusement industry. Here are just a couple of our principles when it comes to serving customers as a Master License Holder in Georgia:

-We offer our customers access to the Lucky Coin Inc. App (available for download through the App Store and Google Play). We use it to communicate important information and dates to our customers via push notifications. Location owners and employees are also able to send in service requests, access important documents, and contact information via the app as well. 

-We also offer 1.855.34.LUCKY as a communication option for customer service. Customers have access to licensing assistance, creating service requests, and over the phone technical support. 

-Our website offers a 24 hour chat feature to also help with answering questions for customers. 

-We also make it a priority to set up a scheduled check-up time (either bi-weekly or monthly) with each location and location owner/manager to have our Account Relationship Consultant service, clean, and run diagnostics on the equipment, as well as answer any questions that the location may have. 

-We track all customer interactions (emails, chats, phone calls, service calls, and scheduled check-ups). This allows us to look up account data and interactions to make sure that we are able to best support our locations if there are issues. We also track the amount of play, popularity, and hold percentage of each game to make suggestions on equipment upgrades that may need to be made. 

-Finally, in Georgia, we provide all of our locations with the most competitive equipment on the market. We offer all metal cabinets, with either dual-monitor or vertical 32″ screen games. This allows the games to remain secure, but also provides for a more esthetically pleasing playing experience. Each game also comes with casino grade stools for player comfort, and we also offer either RKS (printer based system) or card reader systems for redemption. 

Ultimately, why should I choose Lucky Coin comes down to who can you trust with your equipment. Lucky Coin is a family owned coin operated amusement business, that can offer you the ability to increase GA Lottery sales with the addition of Class A and B COAMs! We believe that we can provide more value, better equipment, and better customer service than any provider, at NO risk and NO cost to you. Even if you are happy with your current skill redemption game provider, Lucky Coin would love to provide you with the best choice when it comes to your convenience retail, bar, restaurant, or amusement center needs. If you are interested in working with Lucky Coin, contact us at info@luckycoininc.com, luckycoininc.com/contact, or at 1-855-34-LUCKY.

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