Lucky Coin would love to let our locations know about the TouchTunes Bar Rewards Upgrade. TouchTunes jukeboxes, offered by Lucky Coin, are a very profitable and entertaining product for bars, clubs, and restaurants. They offer a sleek design, play from your smartphone TouchTunes Mobile app music selection, photo booth option, and small foot print! TouchTunes jukebox models also offer the ability for patrons to pay with cash or by accessing the TouchTunes app on a smartphone. TouchTunes jukeboxes also offer the TouchTunes Bar Rewards as an incentive for the location owners. TouchTunes has released the following press release, via their InTune October 2017 Newsletter, reminding locations of the benefits of the TouchTunes Bar Rewards upgrade and how that benefits locations:

For the first time ever, Bar Rewards members can now track their rewards progress in real-time using the new Real-Time Check-In feature. With this feature, Bar Rewards members will always know how many unique mobile users have checked in at their location during a given week, how many bonus credits they have earned and how close they are to the next bonus goal. This will help motivate members to sign up more mobile users and keep the jukebox playing all night long!

To access this feature, Bar Rewards members simply need to verify their location information using the jukebox remote control at

Make the most of your Bar Rewards members and be sure to tell them about this great new feature. In addition, don’t forget to sign up new locations for Bar Rewards!

Source: TouchTunes InTune | Released Oct. 3, 2017

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