One of Lucky Coin’s priorities as a business, is to make sure that each location license holder is able to stay in compliance with all Georgia Lottery Corporation GA COAM regulations. The GA Lottery Corporation has released information reminding all locations of the differences in Class A and Class B games, especially when it come to the “Fish Game.” Below you will find all the information provided by the GA Lottery Corporation to help you stay in compliance with the COAM Class A and COAM Class B rules when it comes to the Skill Redemption Fish Game:

It has come to the attention of the Georgia Lottery Corporation (GLC) that a game commonly known as the “fish game” is available in Georgia. 

A version of this game is currently available in Class A environments (including arcades and family entertainment venues) as “Harpoon Lagoon” and awards players with tickets that may be redeemed for lawful prizes (for example, toys and candy). This Class A coin operated amusement machine (COAM) version of the game does not allow a player to carry over points to subsequent plays. In Class A environments, Harpoon Lagoon’s operation does not raise any concerns with GLC as long as it is otherwise operated in compliance with COAM laws and rules.

More concerning are other versions of the fish game that allow a player to accrue points and carry over the points to subsequent play which makes the game a Class B COAM pursuant to O.C.G.A. §50-27-70. Any Class B version of the fish game must comply with Class B COAM requirements, including but not limited to, secure compartment within the COAM, connection to the central accounting system, hand count, and some skill). 

Additionally, as the Class B version of the fish game allows for as many 8 players at multiple play stations, each play station must have a valid Class B permit sticker displayed. A maximum of 9 Class B COAMs are permitted in a Class B COAM location. Therefore, if a master licensee lawfully places a Class B COAM in a location that allows for up to 8 players, the location licensee may only be permitted to place 1 additional Class B COAM within the location. 

As a reminder, COAM licensees are required to comply with COAM laws and rules, including operation of lawful games in a lawful manner. As with all COAMs, only lawful forms of redemption are permissible. 

If any versions of the fish game are found to not be in compliance with COAM laws or rules, GLC will take appropriate action, including, seizure of the non-compliant machine. The owner of the non-compliant machine and the location where it is found may be subject to administrative penalties.

The Georgia Lottery Corporation COAM Division

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