Lucky Coin offers ALL of the newest IGT Georgia Skill Games that are Georgia Lottery approved. Both IGTs, The Price is Right and Fort Knox, perform the best in any location. The Price is Right and Fort Knox Georgia Skill Game from IGT, are the most exciting additions to the IGT and GA COAM line that we have seen in the past couple of years. Lucky Coin will be offering, The Price is Right and Fort Knox Georgia Skill Game from IGT because they have some of the best games on the markets that will keep your players thoroughly entertained! Both software sets offer unique skill gaming experiences that meet the needs of any location. IGT games are some of the best on the market today! These games are housed in the Cobalt cabinet, a state of the art sleek metal cabinet with outstanding sound and dual-touch screen monitor game play, with an additional third monitor for an immersive gaming experience. Below we have the specific of the cabinet and a little preview of the graphics. More information on IGT games can be found on our website

GA COAM-The Cobalt IGT

Lucky Coin, is a family owned coin operated amusement business with the newest IGT Georgia skill games, that can offer you the ability to increase GA Lottery sales with the addition of Class B COAMs! We believe that we can provide more value, better equipment, and better customer service than your current provider, at NO risk and NO cost to you. Even if you are happy with your current skill redemption game provider, Lucky Coin would love to provide you with the best choice when it comes to your convenience retail, bar, restaurant, or amusement center needs. If you are interested in working with Lucky Coin, contact us at or at 1-855-34-LUCKY.

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