The Georgia Lottery has released some important information on location COAM fund protection for all location owners with Class A and B gaming equipment. We are pleased to report this information to you to keep you informed about all of your games and what your master license holder should be doing to keep your games safes! Lucky Coin wants to make sure that all locations are made aware of the best practices for operating the games, especially when it comes to location COAM fund protection. Below is the information about preventing theft of COAM game funds from the GA Lottery:

In light of recent reports of thefts involving Class B coin-operated amusement machines (COAMs), the Georgia Lottery Corporation (GLC) wishes to remind its COAM licensees to remember to remain attentive to the operation of COAMs within locations to curtail theft. Theft involving COAMs can occur through fraudulent acts, including stringing which tricks the COAM into recording cash that is not retained by it.  As a reminder, steps can be taken to deter theft, including adhering to sound cash management practices, verification of redemption amounts and reliable security measures.

More specifically, COAM licensees should consider:

  • Placement of COAMs in visible areas within locations where they can be easily observed by employees;
  • Removal of cash daily from the COAMs by the location licensee and deposit of the funds daily in the location’s COAM designated bank account (as required by the COAM law);
  • Installation of security cameras throughout the location, including the area in which the COAMs are placed;
  • Routinely inspect the COAMs for any signs of tampering or misuse, especially the integrity of the bill acceptors; and
  • Verification of any large redemption amounts against the hand count that is required to be displayed on the video screen of each COAM to determine if there are any irregularities among the plays and the amounts being redeemed.

When theft of COAM revenue occurs, the licensee is still responsible for the COAM revenue amount recorded by the central accounting system. Any theft should be reported to law enforcement for further investigation.

Many of these suggestions are in the GLC Location License Holder Guide in an effort to provide beneficial information to make your COAM environment less likely to be exposed to theft or minimize the liability of locations due to theft. Licensees should be familiar with the operation of the COAMs and familiar with all manufacturers’ specifications for the Georgia COAM market. Please review the Location License Holder Guide, as well as the other useful information available at website under the Documents tab.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

Georgia Lottery Corporation
COAM Division

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