The Georgia Lottery has just released some helpful advice for all location owners, in reference to frequently asked questions and problems with GA Lottery Central Accounting. In January 2017 GA Lottery Central Accounting news, the GA Lottery covers the push calendar, how holidays may impact account sweeps, and how site controllers need to be handled by the MLH. Lucky Coin wanted to make sure that all locations were made aware of the best practices for operating the games. In the Oct-Dec 2016 COAM Connection Newsletter, the GA Lottery says:

Holidays May Affect a Location Sweep or a Master Push of Financial Amounts
Holidays may affect the timing of a financial sweep of funds from a LLHs bank account or the transfer of funds to a MLHs bank account. Those accounting weeks which contain a holiday that may affect the sweep or push of financial amounts will display an “*” (asterisk) beside those affected dates on the Location Sweep and Master Push Calendar which is available on the website. (and below)

Removal of Site Controllers from a Business Location
There may be occasions when site controllers, or other additional equipment, may need to be removed from a business location. Those instances are:

  • The MLH has a scheduled appointment with an Intralot technician for the removal of the site controller, and any additional equipment, from the business location. The Intralot technician removes the site controller and other equipment and provides a written receipt to the MLH with the Location and Master License Holder’s number noted on the receipt.
  • The MLH removes their COAMs from the business location along with the site controller, and any additional equipment. The MLH may choose to either:
    • Ship the site controller, and any additional Intralot equipment, via USPS/FedEx/UPS to the Intralot offices located at 11360 Technology Cir., Duluth, GA 30097. Important: The Location and Master License numbers must be noted in the shipment for proper reconciliation by receiving personnel at Intralot.
    • Deliver the site controller, and all additional equipment to the Intralot offices in person and Intralot personnel will provide the MLH with a written receipt containing the Location and Master License numbers.

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