Attention bar, restaurant, and amusement center owners! The Golden Tee Live World Championship 2017 is coming in May, but the time to get ready is now! Today, Incredible Technologies highlights how to get ready for the Championships! Golden Tee LIVE released a blog post giving us the details of the Golden Tee LIVE World Championship 2017:

The Golden Tee 2017 World Championship qualifier has officially begun.

Between January 15 and March 15, players can qualify for the May 19-May 21 event, to be held at Hi Scores Bar-Arcade in Henderson, Nevada, on any Golden Tee LIVE 2017 game. With more than $70,000 in guaranteed prizes up for grabs—including the $10,000 top prize—now is the time to join in.

Our qualifying leaderboards are live, and they will update every six hours.

Our Prize Play leaderboard will do the heavy lifting during the qualifier. The 50 players with the best 50-game average score—with 10 scores coming from all five 2017 courses—will secure a spot in the worlds.

Although playing 10 games on all five 2017 courses is the point for entry, do not stop there. Knock off your lowest scores, improve your average and boost your standing on the leaderboard. Great Shot Points will serve as the tiebreaker.

Please note: You must use the same account/card and also participate in 18-hole prize play for your games to be included.

Do you play in a state that does not allow Prize Play? Have no fear.

We will be giving away three spots to residents of non-prize play states on our Online Contest Leaderboard. The same rules apply: play 10 games per each 2017 course for a total of 50 games. Your average score will then be taken, and the top three players will be given a spot.

Please note: these three qualifiers must be a resident of the state that they qualified in.

For more details on these qualifying rules, watch the video above or read our more extensive breakdown.

By the time March ends, a total of 64 players will be qualified for the Golden Tee 2017 World Championship. This tournament, which will stretch across three days, will begin on Friday, May 19 with a special CTTP contest and welcome event.

On Saturday, May 20, a five-course qualifier will take place to determine seeding. As soon as all players have played all five 2017 courses, the top 32 players will be placed in the championship bracket. All remaining players will be placed into the purple bracket.

Championship bracket play will be double-elimination. The player without two losses at the end of play will be crowned champion. On top of the $10,000 top prize, this player will also have their head as a playable option in the game, design their own club set that will be purchase-able in 2018 and design their own 18-hole course option for Freaky Friday.

All players who participate in Las Vegas will earn a cash prize. Full payouts coming soon.

In the meantime, now is the time to qualify. Be sure to check the leaderboard daily to see where you stand, and see the full list of current qualified players here.

Now, time to go play.

Source: Incredible Technologies Inc. | Released Jan. 16, 2017

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