Lucky Coin is excited about the new Golden Tee Live 2018 game and the New Golden Tee Live 2018 features! Now that our locations have had time to view the update, new features, and play the great courses, we wanted to let you know about one of  the most popular feature on previous versions of Golden Tee that is coming back to GTL 2018 just in time for Thanksgiving! Back by popular demand, Golden Tee Live 2018 brings back 25 cents per hole feature! Here is the complete press release below:

One of the most important/exciting features of the Golden Tee 2018 update is time-released content. Each month, we’ll be introducing new time-released content to maintain player interest throughout the year!

This month, we’ve added the 2018 courses to MoneyShot and The Daily Contest. Plus, we’ve introduced a new spin feature called “Release”. This new spin feature accompanies Backspin, Roll and Bite.

ALSO, by popular demand, we’re bringing back the 25 cents per hole feature! Quarter-per-hole was removed with the 2018 update release but will be added back to each online machine via automatic download by Thanksgiving.

Be sure to tell your players! They can also stay in the loop via Stay tuned each month for more time-released content!

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