If you have ever wanted to add Georgia Lottery approved Class B COAM skill games to your business, (restaurant, gas station, convenience store, bar, club or amusement facility), you may have wondered exactly what you will need. Here is a list of the items that you need for adding Class B COAM Georgia Skill Games to your place of business.

What do I need to get a Class B Coin Operated Amusement Machine (COAM) Skill Games?

1. A location with a 120 volt electrical outlet and a few square feet of space.
2. A Class B location license from the Georgia Lottery Corporation.
All owners verified as lawfully present in US (driver’s license, passport, etc.)
All owners pass tax compliance (current on GA state taxes)
All owners pass criminal background check (no felonies, gambling convictions, etc.)
All owners meet an acceptable level of credit worthiness
3. A Georgia Master Licensee, Lucky Coin Inc., to supply your machines free of charge. Lucky Coin’s Class B Master Licensee number is 000015081.

For more information you can visit the GA Lottery COAM website for details or you can contact the team at Lucky Coin to walk you through the process step by step.

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