Lucky Coin is your choice for Georgia GA Skill Games! As a Georgia Master Licensee, Lucky Coin Inc. can install at your business any of the Georgia Class B coin operated skill redemption games made by any of the major manufacturers including Banilla, IGT, and Primero. We have maintained and developed wonderful relationships with those companies for years and those relationships help us stay ahead of the curve in the Georgia GA skill games industry.

Our 20+ years of experience and diverse location base (restaurants, bars, nightclubs, convenience stores, fraternal organizations) have taught us which coin operated skill redemption games can earn the most revenue for your business. Lucky Coin ensures all of our customers that cutting edge technology, highly entertaining games, and customer service are the pillars of our business as we move into the future.

By providing the newest equipment and games on the market, Lucky Coin is not only helping to drive revenue for our locations through amusement game revenue, but because our games are so popular, we are helping to create loyal customers that keep coming back! Customer loyalty helps create incremental revenue through increased food, drink, and lottery sales, and can be a game changing asset for any business from gas stations to nightclubs.

If you are interested in meeting with Lucky Coin to find out how we can best help out your organization contact us by clicking the link provided or by calling as at 1-855-34-LUCKY!

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