We are your one stop shop in Georgia coin operated amusement game rental services! Lucky Coin Inc. specializes in supplying businesses of all types with the best Class A and Class B Georgia coin operated amusement game rental service. In the state of Georgia, Class A coin operated amusement games include pool tables, pinball machines, arcade games, Golden Tee Golf, Silver Strike Bowling, counter top bar games, and even TouchTunes jukeboxes. Class B coin operated amusement games include all skill-based games that reward a successful player with a ticket that can be redeemed for location gift certificate (house cash), gas, merchandise, Georgia Lottery tickets, or additional game plays.

We have seen at location at location that simply placing one of our coin operated amusement games in your restaurant, bar, club, or amusement center will give your customers a great reason to hang around a little while
longer. That means extra income from the games themselves, but also extra income from food, drink, merchandise, and GA Lottery sales. No matter how you look at it, our games are guaranteed to make you money, and the best part is that we’ll place them at virtually no cost to you! You simply pay $25.00 each year for the annual Georgia Class A COAM Location License or $125 each year for an annual Georgia Class B COAM Location License required by the Georgia Lottery Corporation.

Our promise to you is that we will INSTALL, MAINTAIN, UPDATE, and SERVICE all of our games FREE of charge to you, while simply splitting the revenue equally with the you, the location, on an agreed upon basis. It’s truly a Win, Win!

If you are opening up a new business, wanting to add games to an already existing business, or if you are unhappy with your current provider, Lucky Coin’s state of the art coin operated amusement games are great for you as we work with all kinds of businesses including bars, restaurants, convenience stores, nightclubs, fraternal organizations, or amusement centers. If you are interested in working with Lucky Coin, contact us at info@luckycoininc.com or at 1-855-34-LUCKY.


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