As more and more locations start to work the the GA COAM Skill Games, one of the questions that we typically receive is in reference to the hand count payout procedure. Some of our locations have found the process to be confusing for players, and have had difficulty explaining the process at the time, so we want to help make explaining the process as simple as possible. Below is the GA COAM Skill Games Hand Count Procedure as we explain it to our locations and our locations can explain it to our customers.

Remember in Georgia, GA COAM Skill Games game players can win prizes by earning points. Points earned in one game can be rolled over into subsequent games, and then points are redeemed for things that the location sells: merchandise, gas, Georgia Lottery tickets, or future plays on machines. No cash payouts are allowed.

Hopefully, this has helped to answer any questions or answer any misconceptions about GA COAM Skill Games Hand Count. If you are interested in working with Lucky Coin, you can contact us at, call us at 1-855-34-LUCKY, or visit us at our website. We specialize in Class A and B Georgia Lottery Skills Games, ATMs, Pool Tables, Golden Tees, TouchTunes Jukeboxes, Counter Top Touch Games, and all other coin operated amusement that make you money! We have put together comprehensive packages for gas stations, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs that have profited them thousands of dollars, with almost NO cost to you. We provide the equipment, installation, maintenance, and exceptional 24/7 service FREE of charge, and you simply benefit from the added income! It’s a Win, Win!

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