The Georgia Lottery has released some important information on Disabling of Georgia COAMs for Denied Applications for all location owners with Class B gaming equipment starting today, August 1, 2018. We are pleased to report this information to you to keep you informed about all of your games and what your master license holder should be doing to keep your games compliant and functional! Lucky Coin wants to make sure that all locations are made aware of the best practices for operating the games, and keeping them complaint with GA Lottery standards. Below is the information about the Disabling of Georgia COAMs for Denied Applications released on July 31, 2018 :

Beginning August 1, 2018, the Georgia Lottery Corporation(GLC)/Coin Operated Amusement Machine (COAM) Division will begin disabling Class B COAMs for those Location License applicants that have not resolved their outstanding license issue(s) which resulted in denials of their 2019 license applications.  Some of these issues are:

  • Failure to resolve outstanding issue(s) with the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) (tax liability, ownership discrepancy, etc.)
  • Home and business address discrepancies
  • Failure to resolve outstanding issue(s) with the Georgia Secretary of State (SOS)
  • Failure to provide Fiduciary Security Deposit (FSD) packet
  • Failure to resolve outstanding criminal history issue
If one of your LLH customer’s COAMs are disabled beginning August 1, 2018, have him or her check the status of his or her COAM license online at and address the issue(s) indicated in the “Comments” section of the License Status screen.  Location license applicants can check the status of their licenses as well as read any comments input by the GLC COAM Retailer Contracts Administration (RCA) Department by following the below listed steps:
  • Go to and input the LLH username and password and click the Log In button
  • Click on Licenses at the top of the screen
  • Select the business from the “Select From Available Businesses” drop down list
  • Click on the License Status button
  • Click View Details button for 2019 Fiscal Year
  • Read Comments section at the bottom of the screen and take appropriate action

Master License Holders (MLHs) shall not contact the COAM Retailer Contracts Department on behalf of their customers in an attempt to resolve the outstanding issue(s).  Location license applicants must resolve their outstanding issue(s) by addressing the discrepancy in the Comments section of the License Status screen.

The Location license applicant should contact the COAM RCA Department at 1(800)746-8546 Option 4 and 1 once the outstanding issue has been resolved completely if the location owner still wishes to obtain a COAM location license.

Please note RCA Department personnel will only discuss licensing issue(s) with the owner(s) of record.

Georgia Lottery Corporation
COAM Division

If you have any questions about important 2018 GA COAM dates, or if you are interested in working with Lucky Coin, you can contact us at, call us at 1-855-34-LUCKY, or visit us at our website. We specialize in Class A and B Georgia Lottery Skills Games, ATMs, Pool Tables, Golden Tees, TouchTunes Jukeboxes, Counter Top Touch Games, and all other coin operated amusement that make you money! We have put together comprehensive packages for gas stations, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs that have profited them thousands of dollars, with almost NO cost to you. We provide the equipment, installation, maintenance, and exceptional 24/7 service FREE of charge, and you simply benefit from the added income! It’s a Win, Win!

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