In the Oct-Dec 2018 COAM Connection Newsletter, the Georgia Lottery has released some helpful advice for all location owners, in reference to accessing weekly invoice reports for the GA COAMs. Updating information for business contacts on the COAM website will help to avoid any issues that may occur. Lucky Coin wants to make sure that all locations are made aware of the best practices for operating the games and keeping in touch with the GA Lottery. In the COAM Connection Newsletter, the GA Lottery informs location license holders:

Accessing Weekly Invoice Reports LLHs may obtain their weekly invoice reports for their business location(s) by accessing the Intralot portal site at Once LLHs access the Intralot portal, they will click on “Reports” in the menu on the left side of the screen and then click on “Location Period Accounting” under the Accounting Reports menu. LLHs may access the Location Period Accounting report on the Intralot website portal and obtain the amount (GLC Total Receivable Amount) which shall be deposited to its dedicated COAM EFT account for the designated accounting week. Generally, the Location Period Accounting report is updated for the prior week every Monday morning unless there is an observed holiday. LLHs may also obtain their weekly invoice amount by contacting the COAM Retailer Services Helpline at 1-800-746-8546 Option 6 and 2. Steps for accessing the Location Period Accounting report are:

STEP 1: To access the Accounting Reports, click on the Reports application hyperlink on the Portal main screen (left side)

STEP 2: Click on Location Period Accounting in the Account Report list (see the Access the Accounting Reports and Monitoring Reports Step 2 above)

STEP 3: If a user is allowed access to view report for more than one license, the user can change the current license in the portal by selecting the Select License button

STEP 4: After clicking the Select License button, the user is presented with a grid which displays the licenses available to the user. The user can change to a different license by clicking on the green Select link on the applicable row. The user can also search the available licenses in the grid by entering a license number in the Search box

STEP 5: After selecting a license from the grid, the license number displayed in the Select License button changes to the selected license number

STEP 6: Select the Date from (mm/dd/yyyy) and Date to (mm/dd/yyyy) by clicking on the calendar icons and choosing the weekly accounting dates (the full accounting week runs from Sunday to the following Saturday) and clicking on the Submit button

STEP 7: The Location Period Accounting Report will appear and may be exported to a particular File Format (i.e. PDF, Excel, etc.)

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