Make Money with Coin Operated Amusement Games

Make money with coin operated amusement games from Lucky Coin Inc.

Lucky Coin Inc. specializes in supplying businesses of all types with Class A coin operated amusement games, Class B coin operated skill redemption games, and ATMs. In the state of Georgia, Class A coin operated amusement games include pool tables, pinball machines, arcade games, Golden Tee Golf, Silver Strike Bowling, counter top bar games, and even TouchTunes jukeboxes. Class B games include all coin operated skill redemption games from manufacturers like Banilla, IGT, and Primero.

Lucky Coin’s state of the art coin operated amusement games are great for any bar, restaurant, convenience store, nightclub, fraternal organization, or amusement center. Our games will provide hours of entertainment for patrons, while also creating extra income from month to month for the location owners. Outside of the income provided by the games themselves, coin operated amusement games increase overall sales of food, drink, lottery tickets, and merchandise, as well as help retain customers and create customer loyalty.

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