Make Money with Lucky ATM at your Business

Having an ATM right in your business means your customers can always get more cash to buy goods and services from you!

But here are even better reasons to have an ATM…

You’ll make money from each ATM transaction

You won’t pay anything to have an ATM, it’s free, just provide a telephone line or Ethernet connection.

How Having Your ATM Works

  1. We’ll install the ATM at no cost to you.
  2. All you will provide 2 x 2 foot space for the ATM and either an Ethernet connection to the Internet or a dedicated phone line.
  3. We’ll maintain and service the ATM, which emails us whenever it requires service or needs cash added to the ATM.

How Much Do You Earn from Your ATM?

  1. How much money you make depends upon whether you or we are putting the cash the ATM dispenses into the machine.
  2. If we vault the cash, then we will pay you up to 50-cents for each transaction.
  3. If you vault the cash, then you get 50% of the ATM’s surcharge fee which the customer pays when withdrawing money, which is at least $2 or higher if your location and customer-base enables charging more.
  4. If you supply us with your checking account number and routing, then any surcharge earnings (plus reimbursements for vault cash dispensed if you vaulted it) are automatically deposited the next day in your bank account, for all transactions occurring before the bank’s cut-off time which is 3 p.m. If you don’t wish to receive automated deposits, then we’ll mail a monthly check to you.
  5. If you wish to vault the cash, your location will need to pass a federal Homeland Security Check. We’ll help guide you through that process.

About the Lucky ATM

Our ATM has an 8″ LCD color screen and DIP type card reader. It holds up to 800 bills, and can be upgraded to more if needed. An electronic safe lock protects the ATM. It transmits data either through a phone line or an Ethernet network connection. It is 56.3″H x 15.8″W x 22.3″D and weighs about 200 pounds.

Additional Lucky Coin Merchant Solutions

Lucky Coin has you covered with a suite of merchant solutions for both small and large businesses through Lucky Coin! Not only can we outfit your bar, restaurant, or club with state of the art coin operated games, we also specialize in ATM, credit card processing, and point of sale systems (POS) to meet ALL of your needs.

Benefits of Lucky Coin merchant solutions:
Convenient access to cash through our ATMs
Most competitive credit card processing rates
Advanced POS systems offering a full range of options (credit/debit cards, gift/loyalty cards, eCommerce, mobile payments)

With Lucky ATM merchant solutions at your business, your customers will always be taken care of! And you'll profit from each time a transaction is made.