Why should Lucky Coin be your Georgia ATM merchant?
Commitment to providing convenient ways to help your customers access cash through our EMV ready and secure ATMs.

Creative Solutions through our chalkboard ATM wrap that allows you to advertise food and drink specials, combos, etc. on the ATM and simply wipe it away when you need to update the information. This means you can place your ATM in high traffic areas, which means more uses and more revenue.

Customer Service that is second to none with 24/7 technical support and 10 years of experience in the industry.

Compliance with updated EMV security regulations to help keep you secure from fraud.

***If you own your own ATM…you need to know that both Visa and MasterCard have made October 2016 as EMV technology update deadlines for all their ATM merchants.Once the deadline comes and goes, if an EMV card is used fraudulently at an ATM you own that doesn’t support EMV, the ATM owner/merchant, will be liable for any fraudulent charges!

Lucky Coin, is an American and family owned business, that can offer better profit sharing for your ATM! We believe that we can provide more value, better equipment, and better customer service than your current provider, at NO risk and NO cost to you. Even if you are happy with your ATM merchant, Lucky Coin would love to give you a couple of reasons why we are the best choice when it comes to your convenience retail, bar, restaurant, or amusement center needs. If you are interested in working with Lucky Coin, contact us at info@luckycoininc.com or at 1-855-34-LUCKY.

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