If you own your own ATM, or if you have an absentee ATM merchant you need to understand the ATM EMV update process that is impacting all ATMs in the United States. You need to know that both Visa and MasterCard has made October 2016 as the EMV technology deadline for all their ATM merchants. This is important for you to be aware of because, once the deadline comes and goes, if an EMV card is used fraudulently at an ATM you own that doesn’t support the new EMV security technology, the ATM owner or merchant, will be liable for any fraudulent charges!
If you are a Lucky ATM customer, you do not need to worry about this impending deadline because we have already updated all of our ATMs to keep your customers safe and secure. If you do not use Lucky ATM, though the ATM EMV update should worry you because you may become liable for thousands of dollars if someone fraudulently accesses your ATM with the EMV update.
No worries though! Lucky ATM has a solution for you! We can either provide merchant services for your current ATM or we offer an EMV hardware, software, and installation package to keep you compliant! Just contact us at our website, info@luckyatmatlanta.com or at 1-855-34-LUCKY!
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